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Cedar Top with Ebony Pickguard

Flame Maple Back

Bobby Vega Halfling™  Bass

Neck Joint Detail

Maple Neck Detail

Cedar Top & Maple Sides

Soundhole Detail

Flame Maple Back Detail

5 String Bobby Vega Halfling™ Bass

5-String Bobby Vega Bass

Call for price
Please note: the Bobby Vega Bass is in limited production and will only be built to order. Building each bass is extremely difficult and complicated. To maintain our high quality standards we will only be building these basses as a custom order; built specifically for a customers individual needs. This page lists all the current information and specifications for the Bobby Vega Bass.

This 5-string version of our Bobby Vega Bass offers all of the noteworthy qualities of its 4-string cousin. If you appreciate a more versatile instrument, the Bobby Vega Bass' varied tonal palette will be perfect for you! It has a rich harmonic with a round, warm sound quality.

The strings are physically longer, due to the tailpiece, making the feel a bit looser. The Bobby Vega Bass has an X braced, solid carved top which is flatter on the bass side and more highly arched on the treble side. It has a solid carved back and a 34" scale neck. The built in bridge pickup is custom made for us by Kent Armstrong.

For more information about our revolutionary Halfling™ design click here. Please note all photos of this bass are shown with optional arm rest attached. If you are interested in purchasing an armrest please contact Daniela at 707-431-0125 or


Body Size: 17” Lower Bout
Body Depth: Taper from Neck 3.75” to Tailblock 4.5”
Back and Sides: Western Bigleaf Maple
Top: Western Red Cedar
Bracing: Spruce X Bracing
Binding: Black ABS
Neck: Birdseye Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Scale: 34”
Nut: Bone
Frets: 24
Strings: D'Addario Nickel Wound Super Long .45-.135
Hardware: Ebony
Pickup: Kent Armstrong Floating Pickup
Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Case: Custom Hard Case