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Customer Review

Adrienne and Chris K.

Have you ever been called to file a deposition or appear as a witness in a divorce case because of one of your guitars? I wouldn't be at all surprised if your response is 'yes'. Chris LOVES his new Halfling and it took a tremendous amount of effort to peel his hands off it to get him to the dinner table Monday night! The finish and all the details are beautiful and it sounds great. Of course, I'm not the guitarist, so can't comment directly about the play and action, but from the reports I've gotten, it can't be beat! While it's not another woman, beware my lawyer may be calling you....! Thank you and everyone on your team for helping me give Chris one of the best gifts ever!

All the best to everyone! Thanks again.


I am not a professional musician nor, needless to say, am I an instrument maker but playing this guitar is almost an out-of-body experience. It is indeed ALIVE! The notes crackle, the action is great -- it makes my Martin 42 feel dead by comparison. Now I know why violinists go nuts over a Stradivarius. It is a delightful and totally different experience. A million thanks. (Like alchemy, I prefer to regard it is a deep mystery -- I just think of the guitar as enchanted!)

I just have to resist the temptation to quit my day job on go on the road.

All the best and THANKS!